vasaru hurere skojaru – How to make sense of spoken Swedish


It is late mid morning, and your Swedish colleague you are working together with, suddenly says:   Hejurere? Jörenåt aja ätelunch nu? Jae ungri. You will need to answer with:   Reelungt. Gårebra omja joinarej? Your colleague, a bit distracted on their phone, goes: Vasaru? And you counter with: Varskaru? Jaänge på.   Already during […]

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How to sound more Swedish – Five easy hacks


There are some more complicated and some less complicated challenges when it comes to Swedish pronunciation. I have collected five particularities of the Swedish language, that should be rather easy to master technically, as soon as you have recognised their existence. The problem here is that most Swedes are unaware of the subtleties of this. At the […]

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Bee Welcome


Puns rely on novelty factor. On our way to Sturekatten, to meet Anna Lind Lewin, to talk about her organisation Bee Welcome, Djina and I can’t stop making jokes related to bisyssla [avocation] biverkningar [side effects], bistånd [aid]. We are really looking forward to speaking about bees – real bees – in Swedish, and to […]

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Sentimental about spring


Age is catching up with me. Every morning,  my contact lenses present to me not my own eyes, but my mother’s. I frown at this classical reminder of destiny’s imperfection. A cliché without meaning, outsmarted only by my father’s handwriting, haunting me at work, on my desk, in my notebooks, commenting on my students’ essays. […]

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Mygg or myggor? How to count mosquitoes in Swedish


If you have visited Sweden, and particularly the northern parts, you must have heard people talking about mygg, or myggor. Both would translate as [mosquitoes]. And the question you will ask your hosts is of course, what is the difference?   Normally, referring to one individual of the animal, the correct word would be en […]

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How Bee Swedish met the Newbie Guide to Sweden


How to create a physical network from your social media contacts   In November 2015, I was an enthusiastic, brave, and terrified entrepreneur, having just launched my business and website Bee Swedish, and still waiting for my business partner Djina to join me. I had just come back from a pregnancy where I was on […]

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Where Bee Swedish Began


Being Swedish was probably the most boring way of being I could imagine, as I was growing up in a mediocre place called Jakobsberg, just north of Stockholm. At E18, the big road stretching east-west not far from my home, the speed limit changed from 90 to 110 km/h for those heading to Oslo, meaning […]

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Swedish Insect Expressions


Ten Swedish insect-related expressions you should master Why? Idiomatic expressions are useful in many ways. First of all, the will teach you something of the local culture or history. Second, remembering and knowing an expression by heart will help you to integrate syntactic and lexical rules and patterns, that you can use for your language […]

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Validation of Swedish Language Skills for Medical Staff


Bee Swedish is launching a collaboration project with Yrkessvenska, helping international medical staff to validate their Swedish language skills to apply for a professional licence to practise in Sweden.   Medical staff applying for a licence to practise in Sweden need to prove they have sufficient Swedish language skills. From 2016, this applies also to […]

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Stuck in Swedish?


Do you remember your first class in Swedish? You probably learnt how to introduce yourself, talk about where you come from, and ask others about the same topics. When you walked out of your class, you were probably on a bit of a high. Swedish is an easy language, you were almost fluent! The first […]

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