The success of your organisation depends on effective inter-cultural communication.

Speaking a common language is the first step, but communication is much more than what we say, it is also how we say it, and in what context. Our cultural background influences the way we receive, interpret and respond to messages.

By fostering your awareness and appreciation of cultural preferences, as well as identifying the unique challenges presented to your business, we can improve communication and collaboration, build mutual trust and let your team focus on what they do the best, that is, their work. Our Swedish language courses and cultural training give you the opportunity to use the maximum potential of each team member, and make diversity your greatest added value.

Our mission is to build bridges between the international and Swedish communities in Stockholm.

We are experts on everything Swedish.

We believe that an interdisciplinary knowledge of all factors that have shaped Sweden, together with an analytical mind-set, is the key to a detailed understanding of contemporary Swedish society, communication and language. Our Swedish language courses go beyond the linguistic dimension, to also integrate the cultural aspects of communication.

Our complementary or independent inter-cultural training programme addresses situations where Swedish communication patterns may cause misunderstanding or confusion, with a focus on the corporate environment. We explain the underlying values that shape typical Swedish behaviour, analyse authentic case studies from everyday and business situations, and suggest practical solutions and strategies to make communication work successfully in your international team.

We also work together with Swedish staff and management to raise cultural self-awareness, in order to improve communication and collaboration with colleagues from other cultures.


Is your Honeymoon over?

Your first months in Sweden were probably very positive. You probably enjoyed exploring your new city to see all tourist attractions, trying the local cuisine, learning what a great country you have moved to. Picking up the language was fairly easy, and you were excited as you started to understand fragments of what was being said around you.

Then came to confrontation phase. Everyday routines seems to be taking over exploration, you miss home – friends, food, social customs, predictability, the weather. The Swedish language, that seemed so easy in the beginning, now appears to be really difficult, and you are wondering whether it is actually worth the effort. People are nice, but it seems to impossible to get to know them deeper.

This is where we help you

After having lived, studied and worked abroad for many years, we have re-settled in Sweden, and encountered all the challenges involved. Now, we help you to do the same. We also have the experience and expertise to help you to overcome your particular language challenges. We believe that the key to achieve cultural fluency comes through understanding yourself in your new cultural context, and that is why all our solutions are customised according to your specific needs.


Our mission is to be your long-term partner through the confrontation and adaptation phases, to make you achieve linguistic and cultural fluency without losing yourself in the process.

We help you to be Swedish your way.

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